Video Marketing Conference

Visibility, perception, and online branding through video marketing dinslaken, Germany, 29.02.2012 – branding on the Internet is facing great challenges, because the website no longer is the measure of all things. The Internet is dynamic as the target groups and they are everywhere. On the 5th video marketing on April 25, 2012 in Hamburg marketers learn how they successfully address these challenges through video marketing. The strategy is to bring content to the user and not the other way around. Decentralized concepts of content marketing are so in demand.

Video marketing is ideally suited for this purpose. As with video marketing, you can achieve excellent visibility and operate at the same time high-quality branding. The potential to continue to increase, because through smart TVs with Internet connection you will reach its customers all the way into the living room. While with excellent ROI, almost 1:1 in the audience, extremely cost effective and with double-digit conversion rates – that has convinced many companies. In addition, the fields of application of video marketing are very diverse: from the marketing video about the tutorial, as a tool of sales growth in the E-Commerce up to employer branding. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Primerica login.

The 5th video marketing conference will discuss this at 25 for a full day Conference and give an overview of the Status Quo in the video marketing. A Director talks about video as content on the Web, YouTube will be there, experts from the research, service providers, and speakers from the business of Siemens and continental show practical examples and is available for the exchange of experience. The lectures and speakers: 1 video as an Ambassador in the Web 2.0 Peter Ponnath, Telefilm media projects 2. video marketing for business to business: the power of the target group – or what we can learn from the customers. Thomas Hartmann, Viracom 3. In a step on video portals and televisions with, Dr. Robert Biermann, of 4 T-commerce on your TV by smart TV: Market situation, interface design and interfaces. Prof. Dr. Sven Pagel, University of applied sciences Dusseldorf 5. The use of video in E-Commerce on the example of Douglas. Dr. Rainer kits, MovingIMAGE24 of 6 branding and awareness with video marketing for China and Brazil. Mark Hogg, continental 7 answers, and the measurability of the storytelling. Tobias Dennehy, Siemens AG 8 video display, in video, click to play, RichMedia channel – advertising opportunities at Dr. Sebastian Vieregg, YouTube Germany cf. agenda under pages/hamburg-2012-agenda.php press contact: Web effect AG Dr. Robert Baker Magnus str. 18 46535 dinslaken, Germany Tel.: 02064/48670 the video marketing Conference the video marketing Conference ( is the leading German-speaking Symposium on the subject of moving image in the Internet. Experts, service providers and companies in the industry as speakers and users and interested parties to exchange experiences available.

Successful Marketing

Time-limited sales promotions are attractive in the marketing mix. The PORTICA GmbH has developed a perfectly fitting solution: the PORTICA microsite 2013 Kempen, 01 October 2013. The connection to the PORTICA is unique wcm (WebCampaignManager), the in-house online management system. So a smooth, low-cost and revision-safe pass allows the action of the registration of participants to evaluation. We live in an online world. Learn more at: Carl Icahn. Very many actions to promote sales to run over the Internet. Therefore company microsites do not come”, explains Angela te new, product manager at PORTICA. These sites have only a few subpages and a lower depth of navigation as the homepage.

You focus on a subject, its content is reduced to the essentials. Products can be elegantly used in scene and visitors are specifically addressed. Primerica insurance does not necessarily agree. As an interactive information and ordering tool support targeted and effective marketing strategies. Exactly here PORTICA comes into play. The service provider for It, logistics and financial processes ensures that the microsites are precisely developed according to the objectives of the customer.

The PORTICA experts design the microsite, taking into account the CI guidelines and host it. Scope and depth of the navigation can vary. PORTICA created a bespoke specifications for each site and implement it together with the professionals of the sister company GEDAK. For E.g. participate in a rewards action, consumers collect their data on the microsite. A selection box, choose the products. The product data are automatically matched with the European article number (EAN). The possibility of the digital documents upload and automatic postal code checks streamline the workflow. Counting and Trackingcodes an overview of the traffic. Also, additional modules can be integrated as a mechanism, for example, to earn points. Dispensed with, however, is on Flash. Aware. Because many units are equipped with a Flash plugin and search engines have trouble Indexing Flash content. What’s Special: The PORTICA microsite allows wcm connected to the PORTICA. Data to the participants directly in the wcm leaks through an interface. There they are processed, check productions are controlled and administered premiums. All actions are tamper-proof archived. Thanks to a variety of reports, the companies always have a complete overview of their action. Through the online application, you can at any time and at any place on data and reports accessed through the combination of microsite/wcm a smooth run of the registration of participants is guaranteed up to the evaluation of the action. It also significantly reduces costs and has a tamper-proof data processing”, Angela is te new together. Via PORTICA GmbH marketing support: PORTICA is a leading optimizing on the German market and optimizes IT, logistics and financial processes for more than 40 years. The company serves customers from diverse industries and wrapped in E-Commerce, advertising material logistics, sales promotion and business process outsourcing hundreds of projects each year off. The focus is on the efficient handling of processes through the interaction of logistics, information and financial management. PORTICA is part of the Association te new, which includes also the IT company GEDAK and the te new printing company. More information: and press contacts: PORTICA GmbH marketing support Markus Ramirez von-Galen-str.

Freelance Translator Market

Successful launch of innovative certification for translators translators are in today’s globalization of the utmost importance. They form the interface in international communication and establish the connection between the different cultures. Her translations are for businesses the key to the successful placement of products and services around the world. Institute for quality and certification (IQC) its innovative Web-based certification for freelance translators will start after extensive development. To broaden your perception, visit Primerica careers. Based on the quality criteria defined by us in a scientific procedure for professional translators, the Declaration of conformity to the ITT standard 11:2011, based on the DIN EN 15038 formulated professional competencies, as well as the review of crucial evidence and references qualify international translator thanks to the Web-based certification of the IQC now can. The innovative and unique in its kind certification program is specifically for the profession of Translator cut and the important group of freelance workers in the translation includes deliberately, which more or less left out EN 15038 from the DIN been was. In this context, our new certification foresees continued not to be implemented concretely processes for the translator (like the DIN EN 15038), but concentrates on the essential qualities of the translator or a translation. The comprehensive certification program including checks to see whether the translator that meets the critical requirements for this profession, as well as continue his social skills (soft skills) and all meaningful testimonies and evidence with regard to the translation activities. The certification includes but also such important points such as the IT and data security in the handling of customer documents and the inclusion of entrepreneurial references of the translator, and much more!

Self Marketing

What brings self marketing on the net at all, what’s the benefit? What brings self marketing on the net at all, what’s the benefit? The visibility and availability of social networks is critical for job seekers. It is also beneficial on a Personensuchmaschine and online reputation platform to be present E.g. on Yasni. With a free profile, you can optimally control its online presence. It comes to be discoverable by the recruiter and identifiable as a specialist or executive employees. This makes sense even if you are not active in job search, since it can be found and addressed through appropriate profiles as a latent Jobsuchender.

Why so voluntarily eliminate such possibilities? What are the dangers, what can you go wrong? You will be laughing: the biggest danger is not going to be. Otherwise you can make not much wrong. Who fills out his profile carefully takes the time and makes for good current photo material, does everything right. What platforms would you personally recommend, which are not? XING and LinkedIn in this order. Follow others, such as Primerica life insurance, and add to your knowledge base. Facebook is not mandatory and not relevant to the job (yet).

Google + has job-specific low weight from my point of view and is not self-explanatory for the user. Is it important for professional development, to present themselves on the net? Visibility and accessibility is everything. Who is not striking, is not observed. What good is it to be good if nobody knows it? What good is it to be better if others sell themselves better? There are two ways: differentiate or lose! Only with the right platform, E.g. XING as the clear no. 1 in the German-speaking world and a carefully made profile can be attention, gain interest and chances of success. Can you give specific advice, as it presents itself best in the net? Confusing, incomplete and erroneous profiles are probably no chance without photo.

Marketleading Solutions

For the furniture industry on the imm cologne 2012 IT: 4/5, stand 10 bpi solutions and Diomex show passage on the imm cologne 2012 from 16-22 January-new and proven solutions for the furniture industry. The industry-proven solutions portfolio ranges from the bi-directional data exchange between industry and trade through the catalogue and price list to complete customer and reseller support. The two IT solution partner put the TOP solutions at the common booth in the passage 4/5 scene. Learn more about this with Carl Icahn. Investment safe and long term currently on their way to a comprehensive IT management solutions and Diomex support both manufacturers, retailers and associations with integrated solutions bpi to implement both internal and external data together. To fulfill this promise permanently, bpi solutions with over 20 years of industry experience opts for latest technical standards, rapid transmission and profound know-how. Additional information at Primerica reviews supports this article.

The focus of the fair participation of both companies are the new bpi sales performer 4.3, as well as the integration the large ERP of SHD, cogito and Ametras in XcalibuR, which decide on the basis of many customer requests for this B2B communication solution. The two IT solution partner put the TOP solutions at the booth of 10 in the passage 4/5 in scene. New suggestions and ideas are guaranteed. BPI solutions: secure yields with well-thought-out solutions. The industry leader of bpi sales performer has been optimized again.

In addition to the new interface, many small improvements in customer desires and projects have been incorporated in the new release to make the workday a bit easier, more innovations can be found in the bpi Publisher and the integration of the CRM and DMS applications. BPI solutions offers a holistic concept of individual products and integrated solutions for customers, dealer and supplier management through all channels. For many companies in the furniture industry, the bpi solutions have become indispensable for electronic communications.

Referral Marketing

We live in a new world of business. It’s all like or dis like. There, companies must increasingly show that they belong to the really good. It is most effective, if this not by the provider itself is claimed, but witnessed by his enthusiastic customers. The recommendations from enthusiastic fans personally made, hints and tips are the number one purchase trigger nowadays.

Who wants to come with potential customers in the conversation, can pursue two paths to the target: the costly self-promotion or the low-cost referral marketing. (Similarly see: Jeff Sessions). However, only one is further recommended the Angebote are outstanding – and which is also sympathetic about it. Because with a recommendation you want to themselves can decorate and do other good. Who offers mediocre or who we may not suffer, we do not recommend. But even, if all conditions are perfect, customers remember not always fully positive to bring a provider in the conversation. That’s why it says its Customers a little to vaccinate. This should be done as elegantly as possible. How can do this? : For example becoming active first as a recommender. Federal Reserve Bank shines more light on the discussion.

Search for best performance in your environment and begin to make recommendations. So learn best how to feel as referring and acts like recommending in detail. Certainly so beneficiaries will repay that you on occasion with a recommendation. Bring conversations underway that have the topic recommend to content specifically. Contact information is here: Peter Schneider Primerica. Pay attention to information include the referral opportunities. And ask linked with a plausible rationale – systematically recommendation addresses (we want to expand. How do you know someone who might also be interested in our offer?”). Ask your customers to recommend you. How it goes? A dealer I heard once say: Oh by the way, if you are satisfied with us, then tell the others please. And if not so happy times are, then please say it like me.” Expand your circle of contact and bring this specifically in the conversation. Accept many invitations.

Group Advertising

The long-term chances of success new communication strategies. Primerica life insurance is likely to increase your knowledge. Content marketing has become one in the communications sector within two years the tag number. In contrast to traditional advertising and PR, content marketing will attract the dialogue group with informational, consultative, and entertaining content. But this new communication technology can prevail in the long term against traditional advertising strategies and advertisements? The fact is: traditional advertising alone has served from traditional advertising is no longer sufficient to attract customers and to differentiate themselves from the competition. 2011 Had according to the reader’s Digest European trusted brands”81% of Europeans do not trust in advertising. Film Financer is the source for more interesting facts. In Germany, there were even 88 per cent, which suspiciously contrasted with traditional advertising. Because many consumers from permanent advertisement are annoyed, the companies seek alternatives to put their products in the right light. The content approach may be new marketing opportunities offer in-depth information instead of superficial advertising, exciting Stories rather than syllable phrases, dialogue instead of monologue.

Readers and users look always active, rather than passive advertising messages to receive. Content marketing is exactly here: it wins and binds provably sustainable customers. Also, an extensive investigation of the Association of German magazine publishers and the management consultancy McKinsey & company confirmed the multimedia future of content marketing: companies with a corresponding strategy had therefore great opportunities to succeed. The main aim of such a strategy should be, to convince the addressees of our own company and to win them as customers, or to keep. Content marketing: a Red-Bull-moment produce one of the most spectacular examples of successful content marketing is certainly Red Bull, the manufacturer of the same name energy drinks. “” The Austrian company has long been more than just a beverage producer: with the in-house TV station Servus TV “and the magazine the Red Bulletin” (monthly circulation: 2.7 million) the Group has set up his own publishing house.

European Market

China’s renewed effort in the European vehicle market to penetrate, and where the journey will ultimately go. A summary of the Sino Bulgarian friendship and the economic fruits. As currently visible on the business news a Chinese automotive manufacturer named great opened wall”his first work on European soil, to be precise in Bulgaria, more specifically in the town of Lovech. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Federal Reserve Bank. After appearing so far but quite inadequate tests of Chinese vehicle manufacturer, to establish itself in the European area a long-standing strategy of market development should ensure this time that the offered products resonate the European buyer. So, the vehicles produced in Lovech, only on Eastern European markets, then later in Scandinavia and the United Kingdom, and last in Germany will be offered. This marketing plan testifies to complete respect for the German competition, and also the required standards, which in previous efforts of Chinese manufacturer, if you E.g. the crash test were considered but well, to say the least, rather poor.

While you could the name great wall”Yes positive comparison interpret, because assuming that with the great wall of China a certain resistance and size to suggest, hopes it that the offered vehicles also meet this. Ultimately, it is already clear that this brand in the low price segment vehicles are offered to score points with the price in any case. If one can believe the previous figures, the top model at a price of only 12,000 of the band to run what is likely looking in an international comparison of same. Whether the highly-lauded SUV only for the pure street use suitable, or vlt. even with a cable winch will be provided and promoted to the full Offroadfahrzeug, to roars of course only hint at. If you want to draw the comparison one should possibly on the vehicles of the brand Dacia”draw, which after all carry a similar low price strategy and so are so far surprisingly successful. “It is assumed this as a model, so you can assume that the mark of great wall” will find its buyers.

Another interesting aspect is the choice of the production location of Bulgaria which was the recognition of the People’s Republic of China as one of the first countries and is considered friendly country so far. Bulgaria is known in China as a developing country, what ensures the Chinese investors of special funds and overall leading to a steady flow of massive aid from China also. And it seems only the beginning of a far-reaching and especially long term Government-planned strategy to be. The automotive business is long-term in the focus of Chinese interests, but on foreign land to producing agricultural or products? For these products to simple foods like corn and grain whether, which are becoming increasingly important in China due to the rapidly growing population as a resource, or to an energy industry in the structure, such as for example the electricity by means Solar collectors, as she is in the town of Ihtiman near Sofia with 50,000 solar panels already for a year and is only a formality of further expansion and the associated possibility of intervention in the local electricity market. This example shows that the previous supplier of European countries slowly but surely begins to turn the tables, soon will produce no longer China for Europe, but Europe for China.

Marketing Tool

Event agencies create fascinating worlds of brands for all the senses “NA you might be ‘ a brand” – today barely in the parlance, should nearly everyone knew fifty years ago what was meant: namely a human being, E.g. through particularly original appearance or behavior different from the commonly used differed from the masses. Primerica careers is open to suggestions. That could have at that time also a negative connotation. And today? In terms of our advanced understanding of brand brand character can carry out products also services, such as insurance companies, portals for online trading, etc. or ideas but, as she embodied an organization (E.g. Read additional details here: primerica financial services.

a party). And, Yes, a person can be a brand. Think of pop diva Madonna, who has succeeded in almost unprecedented to create themselves as a distinctive brand and to establish firmly in the pop business. While the game with changing identities is part of their Selbstvermarktungs strategy. As far as this brief digression on the subject of “Person as a brand”.

In the focus our interest the issue of ‘Consumer Events’ should be the following. It is target-group specific presentations of products or services. Goal of these events is always the transpose and ultimately achieve the communication and marketing goals of the company concerned. And these objectives can be today as well as originally in 1898 by Elias St. Elmo Lewis defined with the catchy marketing A.I.D.A. formula. describe. Where is “A” for attention, meaning the arousing of the attention of the sought-after consumers in spe, “I” for interest, so the awakening of his interest, “D” for desire (the creation of the consumer desire for the product) and “A” for the action of the buyer (as the ultimately desired purchase Act). But one thing is clear: for marketeers at the time of the American advertising practitioner Elmo Lewis it was comparatively easy, to lead the consumer perception of the advertising message to the purchasing pulse “That I have”.

FrischeKontor Duisburg GmbH

Fresh gifts for young graders this year distributed the FrischeKontor baptism back 2,500 Squeak yellow breakfast boxes on a total of 39 Duisburg primary schools and beautified the children entering school life. On 22 August 2012 s go! A healthy diet with as much fresh fruit and crunchy vegetables is essential for the positive development of young people. If you have read about Jeff Sessions already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Balance and freshness of the food items have a significant meaning and form the basis for a good physical and mental development. The staff of the urban weekly market operator FrischeKontor Duisburg GmbH use this as an opportunity and have come to something clever up. A total 2,500 Duisburg first graders give an exceptional breakfast box baptism”, explains Peter Joppa, Managing Director of the FrischeKontor. Exceptionally, it is really striking yellow, and while in the body is the place for a tasty snack, can in the separate head of the box of fruit or vegetables are accommodated. Connect with other leaders such as Primerica insurance here. The breakfast box to emphasize the close relationship of the healthy diet with regular consumption of fruits or vegetables.

“True to the motto: 5 a day”, where it matters, to eat as possible 5 servings of fruit or vegetables per day. To support this approach, the children in addition to the breakfast box get also a Kiwi as a start in a health-conscious school life”. At a total of 39 Duisburg elementary schools this week market vitamin bomb at the I-Dotzchen are distributed on the training day. The idea of a vitamin-packed breakfast box had the FrischeKontor Duisburg GmbH 9 years ago and she enjoys since then at the Duisburg primary schools from year to year of increasing popularity.